Beauty buys that don’t break the BANK

So here are a few of my new purchases that I’m loving at the moment and didn’t require taking out a small loan to buy them. 

One of my favourite makeup brands is Kiko. Kiko offers affordable makeup for all ages and they are always updating their range and keeping up with the newest makeup trends.    Top left to right 03,02 & 16 

 These eyeshadow spheres are any girly girls makeup bag must haves. I use these to add a pop of glitter to any day/night look. Shade 02 is great for adding highlight to the corners of your eyes to elongate the size of them. I nabbed these beauty’s for only £5.90 each. 

Secondly I need to discuss another Kiko product and that is there amazing smart lip pencils. I could not wear lipstick without them. I have the liners in every shade imaginable and even wear them on there own. The lip liner smells amazing and glides across the lip making it comfortable to wear without lipstick with it. 700 and 712 are my favourite shades to wear. I love an orange and a pink tone which can be easily be transformed from a day to night look instantly. These liners only cost £2.50 and I wouldn’t wear lipstick without them. 

So after recently joining a beauty group online I’ve found out a lot of tips and tricks and I came across the brand W7. I would usually use the Ben NYE banana powder to bake (Kim kardashian made me obsessed) but I decided after a lot of recommendations I would give this new powder a chance. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and found this amazing dupe which I got my hands on for £4.99.  

  For all of you who haven’t heard of this makeup hack you seriously need to try it. Don’t bother buying another expensive primer all you need now is this baby. The Nivea post shave balm is the only thing you’ll need to create that effortless photo finish look we all desire.  

Last but no means least my favourite MAC lip shade “Up The Amp”. I know what you are probably thinking buying more than one of these increases the chance of going into your overdraft each month but you are very wrong! If you are an avid Mac buyer then you will find over time you would be inundated with a lot of empty containers. Well these empty containers aren’t completely useless if you save 6  empty containers get you a FREE lipstick, yes FREE. Who would chuck their empty containers away when there is free makeup going around? 


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