Travelling Europe 411 

You really don’t need to spend an arm and leg to go travelling, especially around Europe! I’d thought I’d share some helpful tips and information when travelling around Europe. 


You don’t have to buy Interrail tickets to travel from country to country. This is something Jack and I purchased but since we have been travelling we have found it would have been cheaper without them. Buses are a great mode of transport and very cheap some costing around €3 – majority of these have wifi and toilets! (Amaze). There is also such a thing called a Bla Bla Car this is essentially catching a lift with a stranger but you can do it from €1 each way! And if you are brave enough Hitchhiking however it is illegal in Italy. I would have never thought to have used these avenues of travel without the helpful information from fellow travellers. 

This being said Interrail passes do have a great advantage! Most trains you will need to reserve seats but we have found them to be super cheap apart from Italy where you have to pay €10 to reserve but you do get the easy option of booking this on the Interrail app. 

If you are planning on doing a long train journey find out if they do these over night and if so book in advance and get a bed! 


Our main love is Hostelworld unlike a lot of people we met we booked our beds a few days before arriving, (we don’t have a time scale so seemed silly to book in advance) we still manage to find cheap hostels in the centre of town. Our main thing to look for when booking a hostel is does it include breakfast? Does it have a kitchen? Are there laundry facilities? If you want the cheapest way of travelling these things are key.

I was very hesitant about staying in hostels to begin with as this was something new but it is going to be super weird not having random strangers staying in my room when I get home! I actually enjoy staying in rooms that sleep 6-12 people you meet so many great people who are all doing the same thing- you are almost guaranteed to have an Aussie in your room! People are usually quite respectful in the rooms as we all have a day where we just want to sleep! 

Eating and drinking 

Buy from supermarkets – I think this is obvious if you are on a budget! If your hostel has a kitchen try and cook instead of eating out you will save so much money! Unless you are in Poland it is soo cheap and just as cheap to eat out than cook! PASTA PASTA PASTA it’s quick, easy and inexpensive. 

The same is said for drinks buy at supermarkets, bars will charge as much as they can! Especially if you are travelling at peak holiday times like we are they will hike the prices up! 

Obviously you should eat out if you can! We try to cook as much as we can but its not always possible if hostels are kitchen less, find somewhere out of the town and food will be a lot cheaper. 


Make sure your phone is ready to go when you leave for travelling. Here are a few helpful apps: 

Hostelworld goes without saying this is the easiest way to book hostels! It has everything you need to know from pricing, location, reviews and hostel features. Bookings can be made from the palm of your hand.

Rail Planner (EuRail/Iterrail) best way to check train routes and wether reservation is compulsory. You can even reserve trains in Italy on the app.

TripAdvisor – my best friend! This app is perfect finding the best hostels, restaurants and things to do! I always read reviews before staying places and will review to. So if you can, do it us travellers need as much help as we can get! 

GoEuro this app is great for people not using Interrail passes as it tells you the cheapest way to travel place to place included is buses, trains and Bla Bla cars. 


Don’t miss Poland it is one of the best places I’ve visited during the trip. It’s cheap, like really cheap! €5 for a bed in a hostel who could complain at those prices! If available stay in the dream hostel in Warsaw. If you visit Kraków take a day trip to the salt mines – everything is made from salt it’s incredible! 

Budapest make sure you go to the baths. We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Sparty which is on every Saturday night, it’s quite pricey but worth it! You can buy tickets on the door or from there website. 

Lake bled the most beautiful place so far. A giant lake in Slovenia with stunning views. You don’t need to climb the castle to see the whole lake take a short hike up a steep hill to see the best view in the house and it’s free! 

If you go to Croatia make sure you go to Hvar its a beautiful island of the coast of split. We did a day trip there but you can stay in hostels however we did find it pricey. It’s very relaxed and we spent the day swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the rocks! (There is no sand on the beaches) 

My advice is everyone should travel. Do it now. There is no doubt that you would have the best time of your life. 

written on a train from Venice to Milan X 


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