Everything you’ll need to be travelling ready

I’d thought I would share some of my must have travel accessorises. Throughout my travels I have picked various items up due to lack of preparation before travelling. So I’m here to help fellow travellers pack & prepare before you travel. 

Obviously the obvious which Jack and I didn’t pack but brought along the way, ear plugs, eye mask and a travel pillow! These are great for long journeys and noisey hostels. 

A refillable water bottle, preferably a roll up one. Great thing to have if you are trying to save money as majority of places have water fountains in the main towns.

Portable charger!! This is a god send and a key essential when travelling. There will be times when you spend hours and hours on a train/bus and will need your phone fully charged to help you direct yourself to your accommodation. 

Make sure you bring either paracetamol or ibroprufen, if you are like us you will get a hangover head ache at some point and will be dying for them! 

Not every hostel supplies bed linen (weird) so make sure you bring a sleeping bag. Although some hostels do get a bit funny about you bringing them in as they don’t want bed bugs! 

Washing detergent has saved us a few pounds when needing to do washing. Some hostels are super relaxed and you can get away with washing without paying (be sneaky) – Jack also made us bring vanish for our whites which has been great as I’m a messy eater.. But I should just have left the whites at home! 

Not only an essential for our journey but a way of making friends – a pack of cards. Great way of breaking the ice and boredom when there is nothing else to do! Also very handy for drinking games obviously! 

Don’t forget a good book and headphones this will make any journey fly by. 

Pre loaded cash card, Jack and I got ours from STA. We loaded it up before we travelled and you can top it up when you need to. It doesn’t charge you to pay instore however it charges to take out. So when we can we pay by card. 

A good waterproof jacket, you’ll thank me if you are doing the Netherlands or Germany. 

Last but most important, find yourself a great rucksack! Don’t get a huge one like I have (60+10), I packed it to them brim and I’m very close to being a broken woman. Before we left we went into a few outdoor shops and got some expert advice on the best ones then found them cheaper on Amazon! 

Hopefully these tips will help you when packing for your travels! 

Written on a ferry from Bari to Corfu X 


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