My must see Europe destinations 

Whilst travelling Europe I have been to 13 countries (inc the Vatican City) and 27 cities in 9 weeks. Wow that was hard to remember all of those. 

The question most travellers will ask is “what has been so favourite place so far?” And it’s the hardest question as every place is unique in its own way! I have several “favourites” so here are a few of those; 


The biggest surprise of my trip. I never thought I’d go to Poland, but I’m so glad we took a long train to get there as it was worth every minute. It isn’t a large city like most that I’ve visited and it definitely isn’t as touristy as many cities in mid July! A lot of travellers that we met only went to Kraków and they missed out hugely.. We stayed in the old town and our hostel had a great view of the presidential palace! Food was extremely cheap, a meal for two with alcoholic drinks cost us £11 at most. Our hostel was £6 for a bed a night and was by far the best hostel that we have stayed in. Although it’s quite a quiet town you get the contrast of the new and old town with the shops and atomosphere. We did a bar crawl which is great to meet other travellers and drinks are super cheap (bonus). If you ever go to Poland don’t miss Warsaw. 


This obviously had to be on the list. I could go to Budapest over and over again and still be amazed by it. There’s plenty to see and do. Before going Jack and I had no idea that the city was divided by Buda on one side (with the castle) and Pest on the other. We stayed in Pest which is the place for travellers as it has all the nightlife and the ruin bars. When in Pest it is an absolute must that you visit a ruin bar we were told all about it by an English couple that had lived there for 10 years previously. For the most spectacular views make sure you go across to Buda a visit the castle you can see the whole of pest from the top, maybe consider getting the lift up as its a long walk up! Széchenyi baths are must, if you are as lucky as us get Sparty tickets! The sparty happens every Saturday all year round. Don’t miss this of your Europe list! 


I don’t know if I loved Prague so much as we met some great people there but it was beeming with culture. It’s a beautiful city with many cobbled winding streets which are easy to get lost in when intoxicated! Beer is obviously a huge selling point for tourists and especially Jack. So if you are a big beer drinker why would you miss it off the list? There’s plenty of bars and restaurants our personal favourite was the James Dean Bar.


The city I had never even heard of before travelling Europe despite the fact it’s the capital city of Slovenia (oops my bad). We only went because we were travelling to lake bled but I’m so glad we stayed 2 nights. Although small it’s bursting with personality and everyone is super friendly. We stayed in the Tresor Hostel which is an old bank and in the centre of the city. Make sure you take the climb from the city to the castle and go inside. We spent hours walking around and particularly enjoyed the puppet museum! 


My favourite city in Italy, it’s a huge tourist destination but I didn’t feel it was as busy as Venice but that may be down to the size of the city in comparison. There is soo much to do and if you were a huge Lizzie McGuire fan like I was you’ll want to do everything she did. The Colosseum, the first attraction we went to in Rome for obvious reasons and a must see when in the city. I would say avoid touts selling tickets and just queue. We got in within 20 mins and payed €7.5 instead of €30 with the touts. Food was super expensive so we made sure our accommodation was self catering. We stayed at Ciak holiday home and was great and I would recommend it to anyone even if you are just visiting Rome. 


Unfortunately we only stayed in Florence for 2 nights but could of easily stayed longer. Like Rome it has plenty of tourist attractions. We decided to take a Tuscany tour from Florence for the day and we visited Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa. The trip included wine tasting, a ticket to the cathedral in Siena and a three course lunch at a farm. It was pricey for travellers but a must do if you are looking to visit Tuscany! There a plenty of gelato shops in the city but don’t be fooled by big ones that cost  €10, we found them for half the price a few streets away from the centre (big enough to share) 


If you have enough time and go as far as Greece visit the capital. Unfortunately when we arrived there were thunderstorms but it was a nice change from the unbearable sun in Italy. Our hostel was located opposite the Acropolis and you could see it from the roof top terrace. Unlike most capital cities it’s not as expensive and if you are looking to visit the islands do your shopping here, it will save you a fortune. Lunch and dinner for Jack and I consisted of chicken Gyros’s.. Don’t judge its one of our last stops and we are alsmost poor. They are super inexpensive and cost €2-3 (don’t go to a restaurant)  

I couldn’t recommend these cities more when visiting Europe. Make sure you add these to your list even if you only get to stay a night! 

Written on a ferry from Athens to Mykonos X 


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