Travelling with Crohns 

3 years ago I never thought I would be able to travel with my crohns. I’m luckily in remission so travelling for me has been very easy, you just need to be prepared.

Before travelling always discuss travelling with your doctor & IBD nurse. They should be able to tell you whether they think you are healthy and well enough to do so.

Make sure you stock up on all the medication that you may need whilst travelling! If you can’t, make sure you get a prescription to take with you.

I made sure I packed enough and had all of my injections before travelling (B12) so I knew I’d survive the tiredness.

If possible try and stay in rooms with an ensuite or a room close to a toilet, especially if you are staying in a place where food can be dodgey.

Only eat food that you know your stomach can deal with, the worst thing is to eat something that would upset your stomach and you have to travel for a while.

Make sure people you are travelling with understand your illness and can help you when you need assistance.

Get the relevant travel insurance so if you need to go to a hospital or doctors you know you are covered.

I struggle with my stomach when I drink alcohol so if you are the same as me TRY not to drink to much.

And lastly don’t let your illness stop you from travelling. You shouldn’t have to stop what everyone else does because you are Ill.

Written on a ferry from Mykonos to Athens X


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