When you get travelling blues.. hop to Ireland

So Jack and I planned at the end of our interrailing summer trip that we would finish our journey in Dublin but due to funds we couldn’t.. so when we got home we decided we HAD to go and got cheap flights to celebrate jacks birthday! (Any excuse to travel) 

And here we are in the land of leprechauns and Guinness. Jack had never been to Ireland like most of us brits so he had to see what all the fuss was about! I love Ireland and how friendly everyone is (it may just because of the accents) there’s soo much to see in Dublin I thought I would share what we have done in the last 4 days… 

Fitzgerald Bar; 

The best way to start the day with one of their amazing Irish breakfasts. I’m unsure whether they serve these every morning as we had it on a Sunday but for €6 you can get 2 sausages, 2 rashers of bacon, 2 eggs and a pot of tea/coffee – amazing. We arrived at our hostel starving and were pointed in that direction by the lovely receptionist. 

The Castle Lounge J. Grogan 

What a great place to get into the Irish way of life (drinking). It’s a great place to meet the locals of Dublin, everyone in there was different age ranges. With a huge selection of beer and lager you can’t really go wrong, and they obviously sell the locals favourite Guiness. 

The exchequer 

A great change from your average pub selling Guinness. This bar offers a wide selection of drinks, from cocktails to beer and spirits. The wall is decorated in spirit bottles which gives the bar a real classy look. One not to be missed. 

Whelans Pub/Club 

Obviously if you are like me and LOVE “P.s I love you” you have to go to Whelans. This is the place where Gerald Butler serenades Hilary Swank infront of the whole of the pub. And the pub is really like that! They have live music every night apart from there is no Gerald Butler, sorry girls! 

The oldest pub in Ireland: The Brazen Head 

The pub is over 830 year old and exhudes character. Although it’s a huge tourist destination it still has a great homely vibe offering bangers and mash and Guinness and beef stew perfect for the cold winter nights in Dublin. The pub is known for attracting celebrities and people from all over the world.

The Guinness Storehouse 

Who doesn’t go to the storehouse when they are in Dublin? Best attraction in Dublin by far. The “museum” is pretty much interactive and you even get to pour your pint and receive a certificate to prove it! The tour takes around an 2 hours but you could stay all day there is so much to see and do. Don’t forget to buy your souvenirs at the end! 

Trinity College; The book of Kells 

We weren’t sure about spending €9 each for entry but it was definitely worth every penny. When you get inside the first bit is like a museum with all of the details and artefacts about the book of kells, personally I found this bit boring (I hate reading loads in museums I prefer art). But as soon as you walk up the stairs you see why trinity college is so great.. the long room is a long room full of books some dating back 500 years! The room is totally breathetaking.. if you get a chance make sure you listen to the two ladies talking about the books this happens at 10am, 1pm & 3pm everyday. Heather and Sally our guides talked all about the restoration programme that trinity college has set in place to preserve the books. They spend hours a day vacuuming and recording books, I have never seen someone with soo much passion over books it was truly admirable and that’s what makes the room soo great.

Marsh’s library 

If you liked the book of kells library be sure to check out this library. It’s much smaller in comparison but still so beautiful to see. It’s restoration programme is done on donations and they clean them every 15 years! Bram stoker (he wrote Dracula) even spent time writing in the library. Definitely a must see if you are into books! 

Backpackers Bar Crawl

Great night out for anyone visiting Ireland who wants to meet new people and drink loads of Guinness! The bar crawl is about €12 which gives you a free pint of Guinness and discount in the places you visit with your wrist band. A bar crawl is a must when travelling!! 


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