The home of Danish pastries and Somersby  

Disclaimer: This post will make you want to go Copenhagen for the food alone. 

Jesus, I’ve been to a lot of European cities but this one is up there with the best. I have to mention this first as I honestly haven’t stopped raving about it BUT, the pizza I ate in Copenhagen was 10X better than any pizza I tried in Italy. We may have eaten lots too. 

We were lucky enough to stay with Jacks good friend Arran and his Danish girlfriend Louise (she’s amazing at English and translating). Having two locals show you the ropes made the trip all that much better, we got to act like a local. 


We ate a lot, whilst we were away so here’s a few of the best places we tried. 


If you are looking for something different this place is a great place to start, although slightly pricier than most places the atmosphere and food made it almost worth it. Per person they recommend 3-4 plates, they are individually priced. We had Oxtail Taco’s, Beer Battered Taco’s, Quesadillas with smoked cheddar, grilled Pardon Peppers and grilled Flapsteak. I believe the menu changes frequently so you can always try something different. 


My favourite of the trip and I think the picture does all the talking. The restaurant offers mainly pizza and typical Italian sides. Based in the meat district you wouldnt expect to stumble across this if you were a tourist. All the staff were friendly (jack even knew the managers cousin – freaky) we were given free shots and a free cocktail.. what more could you want? 

Torvehallerne – Food Market 

Sorry for the pizza porn but I couldn’t miss this one out. We had just arrived in Copenhagen and needed something to eat, obviously being a girl I didn’t know what I wanted. We FINALLY decided on pizza, but wow. We knew we were going out to dinner so we ordered a pizza to share, it was super thin and crunch, perfect. – I forgot to note the stand but it is no.1 at the front. 

Gasoline Grill 

What a find – thanks Arran for forcing us to visit! Gasoline grill is based in a petrol station, they serve 100 burgers a day and once they are gone they are gone. 

Noho, is a bar located opposite soho believe it or not. Super child bar for pre dinner drinks. Although chips is crisps and they are Lays… 

Danish pasteries are a MUST when in Denmark.. I don’t think you can go wrong with where you buy them. There are a lot of bakeries, make sure you try the cinnamon swirls. 

Things to do; 

Freetown Christiania

I don’t have any pictures to share as it’s against the rules to take pictures in Christiania but it’s pretty much the only rule they have. I first heard of the “village” on Travel man. Arran and Louise had never been so it was a new experience for all of us. I’m not going to lie but the area wasn’t a nice place to be, people were standing around selling drugs and it was uncomfortable. I can’t say we stayed too long. 

The little mermaid 

Probably the most iconic thing in Copenhagen and I must see. Would advise going in the summer, bloody freezing by the sea in February. 

Street food market

The market is based in the “paper island” on the harbour side. Want hot dogs? Ice cream? Korean food? Or Greek? This is the right place for you! The market has every imaginable food option available to fulfill those food baby cravings. 

Nyhavn Harbour 

Obviously when you think of Copenhagen you think of the beautiful couloured buildings based by the harbour right? So this was at the top of our list of places to visit for obvious reasons. Most instagramable place in Denmark? I think so. 


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