KKW X Kylie Cosmetics 

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a blog post about makeup. This one could not be missed. If you didn’t know Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Cosmetics came out with a huge pinky/nude lipstick colab. I have never been so excited for something to arrive in the post, it was even worth the £17 custom charge that it incurred. 

I love everything Kylie does, her lip kits are the hottest lip sticks on the market. Unfortunately for Kylie every man and his dog have copied her lip kits, selling knock offs and potentially dangerous makeup. 

My Fave colour – Kimberley 

It was no surprise that this would be my favourite colour and to be honest I would have brought the kit just for that shade alone. It’s not as pink as the other shades and more of a nude.. you can’t go wrong with a nude lip. I love the consistency of this lipstick and would look great with a clear gloss over the top. Most of the time I am pale as hell so this shade is probably not going to be my go too, it does slightly wash me out. 

2nd Fave – Kim

This pinky nude is for sure the best colour for my skin tone. I love a light pink lip and this is just incred. I honestly think I could wear this one every single day, lets hope they decide to do singles as I’m going to need to stock up on this shade. 

Kylie pulled it out the bag and made one hell of a kit. I just can’t resist buying anything that she makes. 


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