My Fave European Hostels

Yes i’m back with another blog about my European adventure, but I feel like the more I bombard you the more you’ll go and do it. So this time i’d thought I’d share some of my fave places to stay whilst travelling, as I’ve had that question a lot. Ill also add some tips about staying in hostels for the first time.

OK so I feel like you cannot go wrong with a MEININGER hostel, there are a few in the big European cities. They are a safe bet if you want somewhere clean and friendly. Most of them have great brand new kitchen facilities, a bar and chill out area. We stayed at ones in, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne. MEININGER hostels can be really reasonable if you book in advance.

Generator Hamburg
Generator hostels, just like the previous hostel they have a few floating about in Europe. The hostels are literally like giant warehouses with beds in. They are super modern and always really clean. when travelling we stayed at the one in Hamburg & Berlin. The Hamburg once was a studio where the Beatles recorded, they even have memorabilia all around the bar and chill out areas. The bar at the hostels gives of hotel vibes and a great place to mix with other travelers.. stay away from the stag and hen parties!! The rooms where by far one of the faves of the trip, you had plenty of luggage storage and plenty of privacy. Probably another hostel you should book in advance to get a great deal.

Dream Hostel Warsaw
Dream Hostels, Okay so I didn’t even realise that they had these all over Europe too and if i had we defo would have stayed in more. We stayed at the one in Warsaw it was in prime location of the Old Town, although the inside was modern. This hostel was actually my favorite from the whole trip. Each bed had its own privacy curtain which literally made you forget that you weren’t in your own bed. Although the upstairs chill out area was small it had a great vibe, there was a kitchen and wash room facilities for a small charge. The hostel put on events pretty much every night during summer, we went beach barbecue on our last night. The staff were amazing and great with recommendations.

Sophie’s Hostel Prague
 Sophie’s hostel in Prague, they were great as we arrived at around breakfast from our overnight train from Poland. Although our room wasn’t ready they made sure we had the first one available, we even booked a 6 bed and was given a 4. We stayed here for 2 nights and the first night it was just us in there. The room was quite large for a 4 person room with plenty of luggage storage. The hostel was only a short walk into the centre. They unfortunately only had a small self catering kitchen which made it hard for us to cook.

Essential Hostel Budapest
 Essential Hostel Budapest, this was probably the smallest hostel that we stayed in. It was actually within a block of flats. There were about 6 rooms in the hostel and we stayed in the biggest, I was the only girl in there for the 3 nights we were there. There was a large kitchen dining area which was outside our room, it felt super homely here and you couldn’t escape socialising. So if you are looking to keeping yourself to yourself i’d advise not staying here! Great beds with privacy curtain and lockers next to your head.

Madama Hostel Milan
 Madama Hostel & Bistrot, welcome with wine and beer. Why wouldn’t you want to stay here?!The hostel is thriving restaurant during the day for the local residents and workers. The rooms and reception are separated from the restaurant but in the late afternoon they open it up for the hostel guests for a all included dinner. The food alone would make me stay again. Like Sophie’s hostel we booked a 6 bed and ended up with a 4 bed, which is always a winner in my book. They had a large chill out area with games and the bar was open until late. Although i’m not sure I would return to Milan its a great hostel for those who are planning a trip.

Praga Beach Hostel Mykonos
Praga Beach Hostel, You can’t really call this a Hostel as it is just a campsite. I could have slept beneath the stars and really not have cared because Mykonos is truly beautiful. The pool area is too die for and their souvlaki is incredible, even if you just go on holiday to Mykonos make sure you pay a visit to the hostel! 

My top tips when staying in a hostel: 

  • EARPLUGS you will need them 
  • Eye mask for those annoying travellers that like to walk around the room early/late
  • Loofah, you’ll never feel clean without one 
  • Take travel soap to wash your delicates 
  • Microfibre towel, dries quickly for your travels 

Pictures are not my own



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