Bondi Babe to Ghost

So I never used to be a frequent tanner, I only used to tan when I had a party or a night out, and that is simply because I never really found a tan I LOVED and wanted to use. Every girl loves a good tan and its an instant mood changer so as soon as I discovered Bondi Sands I knew I was ready to be a tan addict. I use Bondi Sands Dark tan 1-2 times a week keeping a healthy glow. I apply two coats because one is never enough – I still need to try Ultra Dark as I have heard it is AMAZING.

So my fave blogger ever Sarah Ashcroft announced that she was becoming an ambassador for Bondi Sands and that she was going to Ibiza for their new product reveal.  Naturally I was ready and waiting for the reveal on Insta Live as you know Sarah & Bondi = perfect collab. And it was everything us tanner have been waiting for! A tan eraser – like I cannot believe it hadn’t been invented sooner.

This product is MAGIC, I saw all the insta before and afters and I just couldn’t quite believe it.. until I tried it myself. If you spend hours and hours scrubbing tan off, soaking in the bath or even coating yourself in coconut oil seriously look no further, our prayers have been answered. Bondi Sands you are an absolute god and thank you for listening to us!!

All you have to do is apply the mouse to 3+ day old tan (I used it on 4 day old tan) and keep it on for 10 mins. This worked amazingly as I was still super bronzed and it literally took me back to the skin colour i was born with!

If you don’t believe me try it here:



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