My must see Europe destinations 

Whilst travelling Europe I have been to 13 countries (inc the Vatican City) and 27 cities in 9 weeks. Wow that was hard to remember all of those.  The question most travellers will ask is "what has been so favourite place so far?" And it's the hardest question as every place is unique in its … Continue reading My must see Europe destinations 


Everything you’ll need to be travelling ready

I'd thought I would share some of my must have travel accessorises. Throughout my travels I have picked various items up due to lack of preparation before travelling. So I'm here to help fellow travellers pack & prepare before you travel.  Obviously the obvious which Jack and I didn't pack but brought along the way, … Continue reading Everything you’ll need to be travelling ready

My new Drugstore faves 

After noticing my bank balance wasn't agreeing with my spontaneous pricey makeup buys I thought I'd try some alternative drugstore dupes of my fave high-end brands.  I'm currently obsessing over these items below and it all came to a lovely price of £14.               All of these items were brought from superdrug.